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Program Staff


Our faculty includes individuals who lead in the field and guide you every step of the way. These experts are well known in the community for their work not only as yoga teacher trainers but also as instructors, yoga authors and yoga therapists.

Gail Bentley Walsh
Yoga Mountain Inc
& Young Mountain Yoga 

Gail Bentley Walsh is the Founder and Director of Yoga Mountain Inc. and of Young Mountain Yoga. She is an E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), a Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and an RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher). Her Yoga Mountain Yoga Teacher Certification programs have been ongoing since 1994, approved by the National Yoga Alliance and recognized as one of the oldest and most established programs in the Untied States. Gail has not only trained hundreds of students in her 200 and (300) 500-hour yoga teacher certification programs), but was involved in creating the Yoga Alliance criteria for school and teacher recognition guidelines. Yoga Mountain Yoga Therapy Certification is the latest addition to her roster of training and certification programs. The program is approved by the IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists)

Gail has been teaching yoga in public, private and special education schools since 1989 — offering training and workshops for K-12 educators including teachers, teaching assistants, health-care workers, social workers, psychologists, clinicians and school administrators. She is an expert when it comes to K-12 education involving the science of yoga. Gail designed her accredited graduate course for teaching yoga in the classroom with an emphasis on health, relaxation, self-confidence and self-regulation. Teaching Self-Regulation to Improve Academic Performance and Interpersonal Relations: Yoga in the Classroom© has been offered through The Rockland Teachers’ Center Institute (Expanding the art of teaching and learning) and Mount Saint Vincent’s College in the Bronx, NY since 2006. Gail is on the board of the national non-profit organization to bring yoga into the classroom: K-12; her YM programs are cited and described on their website



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Abigail Hammond


Yoga Mountain Inc

& Young Mountain Yoga 

Abigail has been practicing yoga for a little over 7 years. She was trained as an RCYT through Yoga Mountain in 2014 and her 200/300 hr certification in 2016. Abigail turned to yoga for self-care during a time that she was under a lot of stress. The practice allowed her to self-regulate, manage her stress and become a more centered and happier person.  She realized she couldn't keep these benefits to herself and decided to bring yoga to children!  Since then, she has worked with different populations of children in several different settings including residential, preschool, private, elementary, and high school. Abigail was lucky enough to bring her own yoga program to each new job and witness for herself the effects of this wonderful practice for the children she worked with.

When Abigail is currently working towards her master’s in occupational therapy. She received her BA in Sociology from Hunter College and is also certified as a Lifeguard, as well as CPR and First Aid.


Gabriela Chinnock
Co-Director Yoga Mountain Inc
& Young Mountain Yoga 

Gabriela Chinnock is a certified Yoga Instructor and a certified Yoga Therapist and an RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher) working in NYC and Rockland County, NY.  She received her 200-hr., 500 hr. and Yoga Therapy certification at Yoga Mountain in New City, NY.  She completed her internship for Yoga Therapy while working with the Yoga Mountain team at Hilltop School/BOCES in Nyack, NY. She has been practicing yoga since 1998, teaching since 2005 and currently teaches adults and teens in both private and group classes. She specializes in working with children and teens, grades K-12. She started her movement journey as a dancer and received a BA in Dance and Choreography from UCLA, which included extensive studies in kinesiology and anatomy – studies that she continued as a student of Yoga Mountain’s Teacher Training program.  She participates in Movement for Actors classes in Rob O’Neill’s Embodiment workshop in NYC.  In addition, Gabriela works as a Leadership Trainer in the New York City Public Schools – sharing yoga with teachers and parents.  Gabriela is passionate about passing on the healing properties of the breath, movements and teachings of a yogic lifestyle to people of all ages. Gabriela is Co-Director of Young Mountain Yoga.



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Amy Hough 

Owner of SHINE Yoga Kids

Amy has been practicing yoga for several years and earned her certification to teach yoga to Children and Teens in January 2013.  With two young daughters, she has witnessed first-hand how yoga can benefit children in today's stressful and over-stimulated world...and how much they truly enjoy it.  Amy began teaching classes from her home studio and quickly realized that many parents shared her desire to expose yoga and its many benefits to their children. From there, SHINE Yoga Kids was born.

Amy brings a playful and creative approach to each one of her classes.  Each class is thoughtfully prepared in advance, but her flexibility (pun intended!) is key to a successful yoga class experience.

In addition to being a Certified Children's Yoga Instructor, Amy is the owner of SHINE Yoga Kids.  She has a business background that includes an MBA, as well as a Bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland, College Park. Amy is also CPR and First Aid Certified.    



Certified Instructors

Janet Vignola
Ronda Lam

Janet Vignola, an ERYT-500 Yoga Alliance teacher, draws on studies from a variety of teachers and traditions and with great inspiration from many years of work with Gail Walsh. She received her 200-hour, 500-hour and Yoga Therapy certifications through Yoga Mountain and has been teaching since 2006. Her desire to teach evolved from the joy she received from her personal practice and the aspiration to share that joy with others. The focus of Janet’s teaching is always directed towards guiding the student through self-inquiry using symbolic movements of the physical form (asana), the breath (pranayama) and meditation. Studied in 2nd degree Usui System of Reiki healing and inviting this energy into the practice, Janet enjoys seva (volunteer service) at Rockland Psychiatric Center, teaching yoga to adults with mental disabilities. She has also enjoyed working with emotionally and learning disabled students at Hilltop School in Nyack, as part of the Yoga Mountain team. Her continuing education includes: completion of Anusara Immersions I, II, and III, and recent graduation from an Anusara-focused teacher training in Montclair, NJ with Hillary Cohen. Janet is Co-Director of the Yoga Mountain Teacher Training Programs.



Ronda Lam, a Yoga Therapist (IAYT) and an E-RYT-500 Yoga Alliance teacher, infuses a blend of mindful movements, focused breathing, heat generating vinyasas and deep-release asanas into her classes. Combining these elements, she creates a spirited and compassionate environment where her students feel respected, inspired and encouraged to find their edge. Since beginning her journey in 1998 in a quest to heal and reconnect, Ronda has continually rediscovered the transformative nature of simply showing up on the mat – the act of presence, consistency and above all, faith. She has been influenced in precision and alignment by Iyengar, in Pranayama by Kundalini yoga, in tapas by Pattabhi Jois and in restoration by Judith Lasater. But none more than Gail Walsh of Yoga Mountain where she received her 200 hr, 500 hr and Yoga Therapy Certifications. Ronda is also a Co-Director of the Yoga Mountain Teacher Training Programs for 200-hr, 500-hr and Yoga Therapy Certification.



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