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Delve Deeply

A radically fresh approach for teacher certification students. Our 200, 500 and Yoga Therapy Certification courses now begin in the classroom and move on to in-the- field mentoring as an essential part of the program. The classroom portion takes place at Sukha Arts in Harrington Park, NJ.

The field work encompasses the specific training of your choice, whether it’s Yoga Therapy, Adaptive Yoga, Children’s Yoga or Aerial Yoga. Students may also choose a general track with experience in all fields.

Each certification student’s in-the-field mentoring program will be custom designed. Students learn by accompanying, practicing alongside, observing and assisting our instructors in our many yoga programs with our partners:


·         Helen Hayes Hospital for rehabilitation

·         Rockland Psychiatric Center

·         Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center

·         Rockland Mental Health Association

·         Fountain View Assisted Living

·         Better Days Adult Day Care Programs

·         West Haverstraw Elementary School

·         Mamaroneck Elementary School

·         Friedwald Center for Rehabilitating and Nursing

·         Lexington House for Recovery

 .         Aerial Yoga at Sukha Arts

 .         Jawonio Center for  special needs.

·         More…..


Broaden Your Horizons in the Classroom and in the Field


Delve deeply into yogic traditions that have been passed down for over 3000 years – asana, pranayama, meditation, mindfulness, anatomy, physiology, yogic philosophy, chakra energies, teaching methodology and so much more. Whether you want to teach safe, creative and diverse classes or simply deepen your own knowledge and practice, the Yoga Mountain delve deeply program is designed with the serious student in mind


The new delve deeply program at Sukha Arts   info@sukhaarts  gives students the opportunity to work closely with Yoga Mountain Inc. founder Gail Bentley Walsh, and co-directors Ronda Lam-Dichiaro and Janet Vignola. Hosting studio owner Christine O’Donnell at Sukha Arts in Harrington Park, NJ will also join us in working with each student. This ensures the same level of professional expertise that Yoga Mountain has been providing in the Lower Hudson Valley for the past 24 years.


Field mentoring participation as part of your certification program will take you outside the classroom and into the places where yoga makes a significant impact. You will join the faculty in hospitals, schools, assisted living facilities, psychiatric wards, and recovery centers, just to name a few. Field mentoring begins in the fourth month of training and continues through the sixth month. The field work encompasses the specific training of your choice, whether it’s Yoga Therapy, Adaptive Yoga, Children’s Yoga or Aerial Yoga. Students may also choose a general track with experience in all fields. Three months classroom training; three months in-the-field. {You don’t have to decide until you’re well into the process.}

Yoga Mountain is the only Yoga Alliance approved certification program to provide this level of in-the-field training in 200 hour, 500 hour and yoga therapy courses. 

The Intensive certification Program Design (3 month in classroom; 3 month in-the-field). The program is offered two times per year, fall and spring.


In The Classroom

Fall 2015:   September, October, November

Spring 2016:  March, April, May

Tuesday and Thursdays 7:00-10:00 pm

Two weekends (Saturday & Sunday) each month 12:30-6:00 pm

The Faculty

Our faculty is made up of leaders in the field who guide you with compassion and generosity. Widely recognized in the community for their work not only as yoga teacher trainers but also as popular instructors, yoga authors and yoga therapists, each teacher is truly an expert. Over 400 yoga teachers have come through the Yoga Mountain Inc. certification program since 1985.

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Delve Deeply Application Form

Delve deeply Logistics

The Fees

Delve deeply – three month immersion – $1800.

200 Intensive Yoga Teacher Certification Program $3300

500 Advanced Yoga Teacher certification Program with Yoga Therapy $3600

Installment plan makes it easy: $500 initial deposit and six monthly payments of remaining balance. See application for complete details.



Students Enjoy:

Free classes at hosting studio with the certification faculty.


Yoga Mountain Fall Semester 2015: Class Room Dates

TUESDAYS Sukha Arts Center7:00-10:00 pm THURSDAYSSukha Arts Center7:00-10:00 pm SATURDAYSSukha Arts Center12:30-6:00 pm SUNDAYSSukha Arts Center12:30-6:00 pm
Sept 1,8, 15, 22, 29 Sept 3, 10, 17, 24 Sept 12, 26 Sept 13, 27
Oct 6, 13, 20, 27 Oct 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Oct 10, 24 Oct 11, 25
Nov 3, 10, 17, 24 Nov 5, 12, 19 Nov 7, 21 Nov 8, 22*

* Field trip All Day 12:30-9:00

Yoga Mountain Spring Semester 2016: Class Room Dates

TUESDAYSSukha Arts Center7:00-10:00 pm THURSDAYSSukha Arts Center7:00-10:00 pm SATURDAYSSukha Arts Center12:30-6:00 pm SUNDAYSSukha Arts Center12:30-6:00 pm
March 1,8, 15, 22, 29 March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 March 5, 19 March 6, 20
April  5, 12, 19, 26 April 7, 14, 21, 28 April 9, 16 April 10,  17
May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 May 5, 12, 19, 26 May 7, 21 May 8, 22




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Our master classes given by soon-to-graduate students in the teacher certification programs are a riot. Florence Savoye, who is a dancer, led us in a single cell amoeba-like creature rolling along the mirrored walls at Sukha Arts, and racing after the changing leader as a gaggle of geese. Amazing what happens when yoga unleashes the creative imagination.

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Above: The amoeba along the wall, gaggle of geese, Teacher Training event with Florence Jan 18, 2015

LIFTING THE BODY AS ONE: Sanctuary Teacher Training 2014

gail on top
Since 1994, Yoga Mountain has offered 200- and 500-hour Yoga Teacher Certification programs and a Yoga Therapy Certification program. Our affiliate, Young Mountain Yoga, offers a 90-hour certification program that teaches adults how to share yoga with children and teens.

Mindfulness, alertness, compassion, and commitment; these are essential to the practice of yoga. At Yoga Mountain, we explore them all — along with asana, pranayama and meditation — in an open-minded, adventurous spirit. So much compassion and knowledge have evolved out of that exploration over the past 20+ years. We’re determined now, more than ever, to share our knowledge.

Our programs stand out for their flexibility, breadth of perspective, and hands-on attention to the needs of the individual.

Our faculty includes individuals who lead in the field and guide you every step of the way. These experts are well known in the community for their work not only as yoga teacher trainers but also as instructors, yoga authors and yoga therapists.


Our Staff

Gail head shot 2013 augGail Bentley Walsh is the Founder and Director of Yoga Mountain Inc. and of Young Mountain Yoga. She is an E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), a Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and an RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher). Her Yoga Mountain Yoga Teacher Certification programs have been ongoing since 1994, approved by the National Yoga Alliance and recognized as one of the oldest and most established programs in the Untied States. Gail has not only trained hundreds of students in her 200 and (300) 500-hour yoga teacher certification programs), but was involved in creating the Yoga Alliance criteria for school and teacher recognition guidelines. Yoga Mountain Yoga Therapy Certification is the latest addition to her roster of training and certification programs. The program is approved by the IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists)

Gail has been teaching yoga in public, private and special education schools since 1989 — offering training and workshops for K-12 educators including teachers, teaching assistants, health-care workers, social workers, psychologists, clinicians and school administrators. She is an expert when it comes to K-12 education involving the science of yoga. Gail designed her accredited graduate course for teaching yoga in the classroom with an emphasis on health, relaxation, self-confidence and self-regulation. Teaching Self-Regulation to Improve Academic Performance and Interpersonal Relations: Yoga in the Classroom© has been offered through The Rockland Teachers’ Center Institute (Expanding the art of teaching and learningwww.rockteach.org and Mount Saint Vincent’s College in the Bronx, NY since 2006. Gail is on the board of the national non-profit organization to bring yoga into the classroom: K-12 YOGA.org; her YM programs are cited and described on their website www.K-12YOGA.org.

Contact: gailbentleywalsh@gmail.com


87c9357a216498f08d35122f8c1df04d_mqvyJanet Vignola, an ERYT-500 Yoga Alliance teacher, draws on studies from a variety of teachers and traditions and with great inspiration from many years of work with Gail Walsh. She received her 200-hour, 500-hour and Yoga Therapy certifications through Yoga Mountain and has been teaching since 2006. Her desire to teach evolved from the joy she received from her personal practice and the aspiration to share that joy with others. The focus of Janet’s teaching is always directed towards guiding the student through self-inquiry using symbolic movements of the physical form (asana), the breath (pranayama) and meditation. Studied in 2nd degree Usui System of Reiki healing and inviting this energy into the practice, Janet enjoys seva (volunteer service) at Rockland Psychiatric Center, teaching yoga to adults with mental disabilities. She has also enjoyed working with emotionally and learning disabled students at Hilltop School in Nyack, as part of the Yoga Mountain team. Her continuing education includes: completion of Anusara Immersions I, II, and III, and recent graduation from an Anusara-focused teacher training in Montclair, NJ with Hillary Cohen. Janet is Co-Director of the Yoga Mountain Teacher Training Programs.

Contact:  janvig@optonline.net


7a3d832a431b88de9943532079bc9b52_uni7Ronda Lam, a Yoga Therapist (IAYT) and an E-RYT-500 Yoga Alliance teacher, infuses a blend of mindful movements, focused breathing, heat generating vinyasas and deep-release asanas into her classes. Combining these elements, she creates a spirited and compassionate environment where her students feel respected, inspired and encouraged to find their edge. Since beginning her journey in 1998 in a quest to heal and reconnect, Ronda has continually rediscovered the transformative nature of simply showing up on the mat – the act of presence, consistency and above all, faith. She has been influenced in precision and alignment by Iyengar, in Pranayama by Kundalini yoga, in tapas by Pattabhi Jois and in restoration by Judith Lasater. But none more than Gail Walsh of Yoga Mountain where she received her 200 hr, 500 hr and Yoga Therapy Certifications. Ronda is also a Co-Director of the Yoga Mountain Teacher Training Programs for 200-hr, 500-hr and Yoga Therapy Certification.




Gabriela Chinnock is a certified Yoga Instructor and a certified Yoga Therapist and an RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher) working in NYC and Rockland County, NY.  She received her 200-hr., 500 hr. and Yoga Therapy certification at Yoga Mountain in New City, NY.  She completed her internship for Yoga Therapy while working with the Yoga Mountain team at Hilltop School/BOCES in Nyack, NY. She has been practicing yoga since 1998, teaching since 2005 and currently teaches adults and teens in both private and group classes. She specializes in working with children and teens, grades K-12. She started her movement journey as a dancer and received a BA in Dance and Choreography from UCLA, which included extensive studies in kinesiology and anatomy – studies that she continued as a student of Yoga Mountain’s Teacher Training program.  She participates in Movement for Actors classes in Rob O’Neill’s Embodiment workshop in NYC.  In addition, Gabriela works as a Leadership Trainer in the New York City Public Schools – sharing yoga with teachers and parents.  Gabriela is passionate about passing on the healing properties of the breath, movements and teachings of a yogic lifestyle to people of all ages. Gabriela is Co-Director of Young Mountain Yoga.



nancy texas editNancy Mahon, an ERYT-500, Yoga Therapist (IAYT) and Sanctuary Yoga Studio owner brings love, compassion and lightness to her practice every day. Nancy is very easy to connect with; her generous spirit and love of the practice ensures authentic, enlightening and inquiry-based yoga methodology that promotes the awakening of the life force. Using classic asanas, pranayama, meditation, and relaxation techniques, her training in Kripalu Yoga increases awareness of body, breath, and mind and encourages natural alignment. Off the mat, this inquiry-based approach to life also brings natural mental alignment and increased awareness – of our thoughts, words, feelings, and actions.  Nancy was fortunate enough to receive her professional 200-hour RYT training directly from Davarshi Steven Hartman, Dean of Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. She has advanced her education with her 500-hour/Yoga Therapy certification through Yoga Mountain. If Nancy is not on the mat she is in the woods or under the water as an avid hiker, scuba diver and dog lover.

Contact: sanctuaryyoga@optimum.net


Christine Chan O’Donnell earned her 200-RYT at Yoga Mountain under the direction of Gail Walsh and Ronda DiChiaro. Currently working towards her ERYT-500 and Yoga Therapy certification, Christine is the owner of Sukha Arts Center in Harrington Park, NJ. She teaches a Vinyasa style class… but she doesn’t always follow the rules. Christine was first introduced to yoga in dance training and found it to be a perfect compliment to dance. Today, her vinyasa flows are influenced by her dance and fitness background. Christine’s class is always dynamic, yet balanced. She likes to center and ground students with a pranayama exercise before introducing beginner, intermediate, and restorative postures (with modification options for all levels). ?As a yoga instructor and practitioner, Christine likes to challenge herself by finding various ways to get in and out of postures.  She strives to keep each class fresh and to keep her students guessing. 

Contact: christine@sukhaarts.com

d2192bb35c2e8f1974af017a8a6da8e4Joelle Van Sickle received her 200-hour Yoga certification from the Kripalu Institute and her ERYT-500 and Yoga Therapy certification from Yoga Mountain Inc. Joelle has studied Iyengar Yoga in depth. This training has given her knowledge of precise body alignment and how to use props to adapt and enhance postures for students of all levels of ability. Joelle currently teaches Yoga around the Hudson Valley, and directs the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program at All Sport Health and Fitness in Fishkill. In addition, she teaches for Young Mountain Yoga, a Yoga Alliance registered training course for teachers of Children and Teens Yoga. With a compassionate and friendly teaching style, Joelle strives to help her students utilize the ancient Yogic teachings as an agent of change and transformation in their lives.