About Young Mountain Yoga Staff


Created by the faculty of Yoga Mountain, one of the most established teacher training programs in the United States.  The Young Mountain professional yoga certification program is built on sixteen years experience teaching youth of all ages in schools, hospitals, yoga studios, campgrounds and playgrounds. 

Gail Bentley Walsh

Gail Bentley Walsh, Founder & Director of Yoga Mountain, ERYT 500, IAYT Yoga Therapist, YM Cert Walsh is an ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) with the National Yoga Alliance. Her Yoga Mountain Yoga Teacher Certification programs have been on-going since 1994, approved by the National Yoga Alliance, http://yogaalliance.org/, and she has trained over 344 students in her 200 and (300) 500-hour yoga teacher certification programs. Yoga Mountain Yoga Therapy Certification is the latest addition to her roster of training and certification programs. The program is approved by the IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) http://www.iayt.org/. Gail Bentley Walsh has been teaching yoga in public, private and special education schools for eighteen years. She is an expert when it comes to k-12 education involving the science of yoga. Walsh is passionate about bringing these tools to every teacher, no matter what the teachers’ background or experience, since she knows firsthand that simply exploring these techniques together can begin to cause a cultural shift in faculty, staff and student body away from fear, depression, anxiety, poor health, hostility and violence. A former Peace Corps Volunteer, Walsh is the founder and co-director of Yoga Mountain Inc., www.yogamountain.com. She started teaching yoga to public and private school teachers in 1998, offering training and workshops for K-12 educators including teachers, teaching assistants, health-care workers, social workers, psychologists, clinicians and school administrators. The YM program offers individual segments for pre-school yoga, children’s yoga, kid’s yoga, middle-school yoga and high-school yoga, as well as yoga for special needs learners with physical, emotional or learning disabilities. The syllabus includes breath and breathing techniques, deep stretches and exercises, mindfulness enhancing relaxation and meditation techniques, teaching methodology and the ‘science of yoga.’ Walsh designed her accredited graduate course for teaching yoga in the classroom with an emphasis on health, relaxation, self-confidence and self-regulation. Teaching Self-Regulation to Improve Academic Performance and Interpersonal Relations: Yoga in the Classroom© has been offered through The Rockland Teachers’ Center Institute (Expanding the art of teaching and learning www.rockteach.org and Mount Saint Vincent’s College in the Bronx, NY since 2006. It will soon be offered in counties throughout New York State. Walsh is on the board of the national non-profit organization to bring yoga into the classroom: K-12 YOGA.org; her YM programs are cited and described on their website www.K-12YOGA.org

Gabriela Chinnock

Gabriela Chinnock RYT 500, IAYT Yoga Therapist, YM Cert Popular children’s teacher, Gabriela combines her love of movement and yoga with an intense desire to guide children to feel empowered as individuals. Holding a BA in Dance/Choreography from UCLA and certified in the renowned Yoga Mountain and Color Me Yoga programs for children, she enjoys designing kid’s yoga classes, camps, workshops and programs for yoga studios and schools. She has 20 years of experience working in the movement/fitness world in NYC and L.A. While practicing yoga for 12 years, Gabriela has also spent the last 15 years as a leadership trainer in NYC public schools. She currently works in three different school districts bringing yoga to kids k-12.