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I see Rainchildren Running Home Laughing.

Come explore a fresh yoga channel, learn a new vinyasa, and become a full-fledged rainchild.

For years rainchildren have kept on cavorting in me. Ever since we first explored Salutation to the Rain © at the great old Yoga Mountain Studio in 1998. It was an attempt at a less stilted and more spiraling vinyasa dedicated to distilling and integrating the nectar of consciousness – a tradition that harks back to the Vedas.

As a practitioner and teacher of teachers (I think of all students of yoga as teachers), I had a yearning for a series of asana capturing both the happiness and the watery blues in all our lives. The reconciliation in the human psyche of opposing and powerful realities takes place in Ajna, the sixth chakra, also known as the winged commander, also known as the center of consciousness; and that reconciliation is the yogi’s journey.

The world has changed since those long-ago times when yoga was a strange and mysterious art studied by a blessed few. And yes, what is eternal seems hugely more essential now to the living. I invite you to come move with me, no matter your

expertise or limitations. This practice is gentle and inclusive.

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