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Healing Yoga: 

For those seeking to heal through yoga

Become Certified by Yoga Mountain Or Work Privately with one of our Experienced Instructors!

Yoga is a self-empowering process where the care-seeker, along with the Yoga Healer, explores a well-defined practice that alleviates suffering in a non-invasive way. Depending on the illness, Therapeutic Yoga can not only be preventative and curative, but help manage the illness, or facilitate healing on all levels.

If you’d like to speak with a Yoga Mountain Instructor about the possibility of starting any of our programs listed below, call Gail Walsh at 845 461-7975 or email Gail will discuss your needs with you, and have a healer contact you to arrange a meeting time and place.

Beginning October 17th

25 hr Introduction to Healing Yoga Training 

This course introduces you to the style and thought behind our Healing Yoga Program.  Work closely with Gail Bentley Walsh, founder and creator of Yoga Mountain Inc. She has been certifying teachers since 1996 and developed the healing Yoga Philosophy through her own teaching and experience. 

If you choose to continue to our 125 hour program the hours you have accumulated and your fee will go towards your certification! 

Therapeutic Yoga Training 

125 hr Certification

Immerse yourself with a leader in the field

A practical, hands-on process that will expand your experience of wellness and give you the skills to share this knowledge with patients, friends, clients, family, and significant others.


Requirements include a 200 hr certification or Extensive knowledge of yoga including a few years of practice. 



Certified Yoga Teachers work with the client in 12 one-hour sessions. After the initial 3 sessions, client and teacher, together, decide if the healing is proving effective, and whether or not to continue.

Families, Groups, and Children

Yoga Mountain Inc. and Young Mountain Yoga specialize in teaching health-care practitioners, school teachers, and parents how to use the tools of yoga for the entire family. We enter family environments and offer family yoga workshops to families of two or more.

Healing Yoga skills are learned and absorbed by exploration and experimentation. By sharing these fail-safe tools for self-regulation, mindfulness and body-awareness, the child and parent work together to release pent-up tension more fully. Group and family members learn to breathe more deeply while stretching the body and and supporting one-another in a non-judgmental, no-pressure atmosphere.

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