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We are all teachers at heart

About Us


From 1994 till 2017, Yoga Mountain has offered 200- and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Certification programs. Our affiliate, Young Mountain Yoga, offers a 95-hour certification program that teaches adults how to share yoga with children and teens.

  • 95 Hour Yoga Certification to Teach Children and Teens

  • Yoga In the ClassRoom 

Young Mountain Yoga


Children and Teens Yoga Teacher Training Certification

A Yoga Alliance approved Young Mountain Yoga certification course for parents, teachers, and everyone who wants to teach yoga to young people.

Our Staff

Our faculty includes individuals who lead in the field and guide you every step of the way. These experts are well known in the community for their work not only as yoga teacher trainers but also as instructors, yoga authors and yoga healers.

Please email all completed applications to

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Yoga In The
Class Room


A beautifully written and illustrated yoga manual for K-12 school teachers.A simple accessible guide to help students toward physical and mental well-being.

Written by Yoga Mountain

Founder Gail Bentley Walsh

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